Our Story:

In 1997, Peter Sterios, a yoga instructor and architect, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and complete support revolutionized his yoga practice. This mat came to be known as the Black Mat PRO, which is a German-made, high-performance yoga mat, and to this day the Black Mat PRO continues to be the foundation of Manduka.

The name Manduka was chosen as an homage to his teacher and mentor, Shandor Remete, whose core practice and teachings always included Mandukasana, or frog pose. The first time Peter heard and repeated the name of the pose, he experienced a sense of childlike joy and delight as the sound rolled off his tongue. The word and the pose were mirror images, simultaneously playful and profound. The joy of Manduka is now spoken in so many countries, all over the world.

The quality and performance of Manduka mats and yoga accessories are unmatched in the marketplace. Designed by yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide, carefully selected and sustainable materials are paired with thoughtful design to create innovative products that allow a community across the globe to deepen their practice.

Our products are now used by over 2 million customers and 4 thousand yoga studios worldwide. For 25 years, Manduka has built a reputation as the world’s most respected yoga brand.

Our Mission: Inspire the Practice

Our Vision: A world uplifted by the power of yoga & meditation

Our Purpose: To create the world’s most thoughtfully designed products for experiencing the joy of yoga on & off the mat


Our Values:

Service the community

Driven by quality

Honor Mother Earth

Foster inclusivity


Our Studios

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Our Teachers

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