Masculinity and Femininity on the Dancefloor – Salsa

Locatie: Extremos Salsa & Bachata

In Salsa dancing, it’s all about balance!

Careful, you might get addicted to Salsa dancing! Did you know that the amount of people who dance Salsa is growing enormously for years? The reason for this is simple: it’s a LOT of fun, and it’s thé Ice Breaker in connecting to many new people! Also, dancing with each other creates fascinating and beautiful moments between Leader & Follower. In this workshop, you will get an introduction to Salsa Dancing, where the important roles of the Masculine and Feminine energy will be pointed out. What is expected from the Leader or Follower in Salsa dancing? And can we transfer these “rules” to life as well? These questions will be answered with you by our absolute pro’s Fernando & Kristina

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